Corporate Responsibility

At Mountaire Farms, we believe that all animals raised for food should be treated with respect and should be properly cared for during their lives. The birds we raise are cared for with the highest standards starting at hatch. Since healthy, top-quality animals are needed for food, proper treatment is not only an ethical obligation, but it just makes good business sense.

Because of our commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare, Mountaire Farms subscribes to the National Chicken Council’s Animal Welfare Guidelines and Audit Checklist. These guidelines, which have been widely adopted within the chicken industry, cover every phase of the chicken’s life and offer science-based recommendations for proper treatment.

“As veterinarians, we are absolutely committed to continuously improving the care and handling of the chickens we raise at Mountaire Farms.”

-Dr. Don Ritter, DVM, ACPV; Senior Director of Health Services & Food Safety

To learn more about Animal Welfare Guidelines visit:

National Chicken Council


At Mountaire Farms, sustainability not only means finding ways to utilize natural resources more efficiently, but it also means doing so in a way that protects land, water, and energy resources for future generations. Mountaire Farms is committed to the responsible production of food that is safe, affordable and abundant for consumers in the United States and around the world.  To that end we continually strive to make all aspects of our business conform to the latest technologies in energy efficiency, agricultural innovation, water conservation, and resource recovery and utilization. Being good stewards is Mountaire’s business!

“To be good stewards of all the assets God has entrusted to us.”

(From the Mountaire Creed)


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