Our Culture

Our Culture

Our Culture

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We are proud of our culture at Mountaire Farms

Our employees are our most important asset, and we believe in supporting them whenever possible. As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of family and strive to recreate that sense of family when you join our team. We support each other and even offer leadership classes to help employees succeed in their roles and grow in their careers.

Mountaire Farms employee

Goal Zero

Safety is more than instructions in a manual, although those are important too. Safety is an attitude, an expectation, a responsibility and a mindset. With the right approach, zero accidents IS an achievable goal.

Consider who you work safely for – is it your family? Your friends? Your dog? Whoever it is, we want you to get home to them the same way you arrived to work – safely.

Goal Zero

Mountaire Creed

To provide quality and service consistently

Mountaire Creed

To be honest and fair with everyone including customers, suppliers, community neighbors and each other

Mountaire Creed

To provide an environment dedicated to personal and corporate growth

Mountaire Creed

To be good stewards of all the assets God has entrusted to us

Introducing COSP

Culture, Operational Excellence, Strategy with Vision, and Performance in the Top 20 Percent.

These are the core values that drive our leadership team to be successful. They are ingrained in everything we do.




Operational Excellence


Strategy with Vision


Performance in the Top 20 Percent