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Since the early 1980’s Mountaire Farms has been leading the industry in partnering with supermarket retailers to help them develop and grow their fresh premium private label chicken programs. Known for producing the highest quality chicken in the industry, Mountaire has successfully partnered with many of the industry’s best retailers as they initiated the conversion from branded to store-branded chicken in their meat cases.

Mountaire Farms has an unwavering commitment to producing only private label chicken, and we have successfully developed complementary store-branded product lines (Premium Low-Fat, Roasters) that have allowed our retail partners to develop and maximize their brand equity in their meat departments.

Fresh Customized Overwrap

Traypack Drums
Everyone in the supermarket industry knows the importance of a high quality private label chicken overwrap line of products to their overall meat program.

Mountaire Farms has been successfully building premium quality private label chicken programs with our supermarket partners since the early 1980’s. Listening to our customers, and utilizing our strong private label experience, we have developed ideas and products, and programs which have consistently provided maximum sales and margin opportunities for our retail partners.


Fresh Homestyle Roaster

Traypack Roaster
For years, consumers have understood the great taste, the excellent value and the true versatility of a fresh Roaster in their meal plans.

Mountaire Farms developed and introduced the Homestyle Roaster to our growing line of private label chicken products in the 1990s. Rated “tastier and juicier than natural brands”, the Homestyle Roaster has become a fixture in the meat case and on the consumer’s dinner table.

Fresh Premium Overwrap

Traypack Tenders
Taking the private label concept one step further, Mountaire developed a premium line of skinless, boneless chicken cuts, targeting the growing segment of health conscious consumers.

For the supermarket retailer, these premium products provide an opportunity for increased sales, an enhanced quality image in the meat department, and additional margins. For premium quality, freshness, and low-fat, there is no comparison.


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