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Mountaire Farms is known for our premiere quality products and exceptional customer service. Our versatile product mix and our desire to go above and beyond for our customers is what sets us apart.

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While Mountaire Farms doesn’t sell our own branded retail product, you can still find our delicious chicken in grocery stores near you. We are the leading supplier of private label fresh chicken to supermarket retailers in the United States. We partner with many of the industry’s best retailers in the private label market.

Frozen chickens


With an Export Team fluent in six languages, we work with partners across the globe to feed the world. At last count, we export to more than 80 countries.


Community Truckload Sales

When our communities were in need of chicken, we made our products more accessible and affordable than ever. Armed with volunteers in our company and the community, we began selling directly to the public and often fundraising for various nonprofits at the same time; eventually, we were able to partner with Stately Foods to reach wider audiences.


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