Chickin’ Pickin’ Championship

Chickin’ Pickin’ Championship

Chickin’ Pickin’ Championship

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Hold on to your giblets!

The Chickin’ Pickin’ Championship is a unique contest of speed, skill, and strategy to find the fastest chicken pickers around. Competitors pick and shred as much chicken off a cooked whole bird as possible in a timed round. Winners from each round compete for $500 prize money, with over $1,000 total given to the top four winners.

Chickin’ Pickin’ competition

Come out and join us

Chickin’ Pickin’ takes place at least twice a year on Delmarva, at the Delmarva Outdoors Expo in April and the Delaware State Fair in July, and once a year in North Carolina at the Robeson County Fair. Come out and see how fast you can pick a chicken – you might just be a winner!

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