One Health Certified

One Health Certified

One Health Certified

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One Health Certified: the next generation of responsible animal care

One Health Certified ™ is a food animal certification program that recognizes that the health of humans, animals, and the environment are inseparable. One Health Certified standards define best responsible animal care practices in disease prevention, veterinary care, animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, and responsible antibiotic use. Compliance with the program is verified via annual government audits conducted by the USDA.

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We are proud to be One Health Certified, a label that provides optimal health outcomes for animals, consumers and the environment. To learn more about the program, go to


One Health checks all the boxes

One Health Certified is a comprehensive program that prioritizes animal health and welfare while addressing important consumer concerns about how animals are raised. Choosing One Health Certified products assures consumers that the chicken they buy is healthy, responsibly raised and safe to feed their families.

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Look for the One Health Certified label in a store near you

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We are proud to be the first chicken company to be One Health Certified.

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