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Our Culture

Our Culture:

The culture at Mountaire is one of our greatest strengths and most valued assets. As a large, multifaceted corporation, it is important that, as a company, we maintain the same core values and family-focused work environment that we’ve operated with since day one: service to one another and to our customers; teamwork and productivity; operational excellence and outstanding performance.

West-FamilyIt is this same culture of excellence that makes Mountaire a great place to work, to build a career, and to thrive in a successful company.

Service to One Another and to Our Customers:

By serving each other well through each progressive step in our integrated model, we are able to provide better quality to our customers and excellent service. Through our dedicated approach to our customers and to one another, Mountaire has reached the top of the industry in customer satisfaction.

Teamwork and Productivity:

Mountaire excels at teamwork year after year because we are actively dedicated to managing the way we work together via our Vertical Integration Process. At Mountaire will you find your peers, your supervisor, and your team members genuinely committed to your success and every member of the collective team throughout the company is dedicated to working together for the benefit of the company as a whole.

Excellence and Performance:

Mountaire’s culture of operational excellence means that we set our standards, and we consistently achieve those high standards. We believe that outstanding performance is accomplished when every employee at Mountaire is fully committed to operational excellence as a team.

Mountaire Creed


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