Our Goal Zero safety campaign kicked off in late February with every team member pledging to do what they could to achieve zero accidents at Mountaire Farms. Our safety teams held events at each processing plant to introduce the concept of Goal Zero, hand out t-shirts, and remind everyone to consider who they are working safely for.

President Phillip Plylar shared his message in a video to all employees, which followed with various employees showing pictures of their family members toward the camera on their phones, illustrating who they are working safely for.

“Safety is more than instructions in a manual, although those are important too. Safety is an attitude, an expectation, a responsibility and a mindset,” Plylar said.

The key takeaways from Goal Zero include:

  • It’s YOUR responsibility to work safe.
  • If you see something unsafe, say something! Go to your supervisor or tell a manager.
  • If someone asks you do something unsafe, don’t do it.

All managers have been told to start every meeting of three or more people with a Safety Moment. It could be a tip, a recent event at work, or an anecdote from your home life. The goal is to adopt a safety mindset so that everyone understands how important safety is at Mountaire Farms. Since the start of the campaign, there has been a noticeable difference in how our employees approach safety, and we continue to learn, teach and grow together on this new path.

So remember, every day: Who do you work safely for?