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Posted Oct 20 2021 in News

The truth about Lumber Bridge

Recently, our company has been the target of negative “news” stories focused on some mysterious chemical in our Lumber Bridge facility making our workers sick. These “news” stories are filled with anonymous sources, rumor and speculation, and are completely without merit. They even suggest our employees have been quitting in large numbers as a result. [...]
Posted Oct 16 2020 in COVID-19

Random Testing: Just one more way we’re protecting our workforce

From the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, our company has [...] Read On »
Posted Aug 05 2020 in COVID-19

PPE: Why it’s important, and why we provide it for free

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is gear that is designed [...] Read On »
Posted Jul 22 2020 in Safety

An inside look at a Grain Bin Rescue Kit

Safety is always first at Mountaire, which is why we [...] Read On »