From the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, our company has been engaged with industry experts, leading scientists, health experts and government officials to ensure our approach to protecting our workforce was enough.

Our proactive approach has helped keep the spread of this virus contained, and every day we continue to look for additional steps we can take. Screening employees and asking those who are sick to stay home is important, and we’ve been doing that all along. But what about the employees who show no symptoms and may still be infected? How do we ensure they aren’t carriers of the virus?

On August 10th, we started randomly testing our employees for COVID-19. We worked with local health experts to develop the protocols that would yield the best results. Now, our employees are randomly selected each week to report to the medical office, located right within our facilities, where a throat swab is taken and sent off to a laboratory for processing.

With two months of testing under our belt, we can confidently report that this program is working. The number of positives remain well below state averages. If an asymptomatic employee does test positive, they are sent home to quarantine per CDC guidelines (with pay), are monitored, and are not allowed to return until it is safe to do so. Our rigorous contact tracing program, which has been in place since the beginning, helps identify other potential employees who may need to get tested, and it’s all taken care of right on site.

Our medical teams have done an outstanding job with our employees, and we’re grateful to everyone for participating in this important program. When someone is tested, they are protecting their coworkers, their families, and everyone else who matters to them. We all have a part to play in stopping the spread of this virus.

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