Safety is always first at Mountaire, which is why we implemented the Goal Zero approach, which maintains that zero accidents is an achievable goal with the right mindset.

That’s why every year, we offer training for employees and local fire companies on using Grain Bin Rescue Kits. Last year alone, 38 people were trapped in grain bins, which led to 23 deaths. Grain Bin Rescue Kits are proven to save lives in these situations, so we make sure that our employees and first responders have access to this critical knowledge. Grain Entrapment Prevention comes on-site with a trailer that includes a small grain bin, with the ability to rotate the corn to simulate entrapment in a safe, controlled environment.

The video below gives an inside look at the training, showing the trapped individual’s perspective as a team works to free her.

Here are seven tips to prevent entrapment:

  1. Develop a Zero Entry Mentality. Stay out of the bin, if at all possible.
  2. Never enter alone.
  3. Never enter untrained.
  4. Follow entry permit.
  5. Shut down and lockout equipment.
  6. Secure lifeline.
  7. Emergency preparedness (check with your local fire department).